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The Hairy Bassist

Double Bass

Live Performance, Recording, Tuition



I’ve played Jazz, Tango, Country, Classical, Rockabilly, Blues and most else over the last 35 years 


Lynn Hazleton

“Enjoyed working with you in the studio Leon, especially the tone, feel and wide range of styles you draw from your well travelled Double Bass. Thank you”.

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Derek Lee Goodreid

"Leon Pratt's bass work and musicianship is professional, creative and highly recommended. Leon not only added a killer upright rockabilly bass thump to my song, "Beneath The Howlin' Light" but his innovative bow work added another dimension to the song pushing it into a spooky psychobilly vibe that I loved. His collaborative spirit puts him head and shoulders above in my opinion and I look forward to collaborating with Leon again in the future."

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